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The exquisite town of Sandy Cove, Winner of the 1998 & 2000 Provincial Tidy Towns Award, is located on the Eastport Peninsula just minutes away from the historic town of Salvage. Aside from the modern transportation routes connecting the towns, a nine kilometer hiking trail, beginning at Crooked Tree Park in Sandy Cove and ending at the Salvage Fisherman's Museum, offers an additional link. Along the trail are a number of picnic sites, a waterfall, and the abandoned historic settlement of Barrow Harbor. The trail was the result of an extensive restoration project, undertaken in 1997, by the Eastport Peninsula Heritage Foundation. Their goal was to link the former settlement of Barrow Harbor with its historic neighbors once more. From the trail, endless numbers of panoramic views can be captured for the continued enjoyment long after the hike has been completed.

Although Sandy Cove was originally settled in the mid 1800's as a fishing community, the absence of a well sheltered harbor caused fishermen to relocate to the ideally suited fishing ports of Happy Adventure and Salvage. Sandy Cove is one of the very few coastal communities in the Kittiwake Region that were virtually unaffected by the cod moratorium in 1992. The once thriving fishery had disappeared long before this, and unlike many neighboring communities, Sandy Cove had not been dependant upon the fishery for some time.

Incorporated in 1956, with a present population of 160 (as of 1999), the town of Sandy Cove is home to very few selective commercial activities. The majority of required services are shared with all other communities on the Peninsula, with many of them being located within the town of Eastport. In fact, with the town being built on solid foundation of kindhearted citizens, many of the members on the Peninsula's volunteer fire department are residents of Sandy Cove. The majority of the town's attractions have been created with the overwhelming amount of voluntary labour and time, that has subsequently become second nature to all locals.

The very popular 'Sandy Cove Beach' is the town's most splendid asset. Many locals and visitors alike frequently visit the beach area, which is well maintained by the town and its residents. Aside from the obvious attractions associated with a long sandy coastline, the beach also has one of the Peninsulas largest capelin rolls creating hours of enjoyment for the town's residents. Due to its enormous popularity, the town has recently improved access to the beach, provided a sufficient parking lot and have attempted to eliminate much of the motorized vehicle traffic which has been located directly on the beach during the summer months. The parking area also serves as the entrance to an up hill trail leading to 'Sandy Cove Head Lookout' which provides a magnificent view of the ocean and much of the beach area below. Not far from this lookout trail lays the town's municipal park that, aside from the usual attractions , offers a fresh water swimming area. 'Crooked Tree Park' is beautifully situated at the end of town and offers many hours of enjoyment for all residents, especially the younger, outdoors, nature explorers.

Located at the other end of town, in an area known as 'Capelin Gulch', is a very recently constructed stairway connecting a series of back roads to the beach below. The destructive nature of the powerful 'Hurricane Louis', in 1997, can be easily viewed from this location. Evidence which remains from this forceful power of nature responsible for uprooting large trees, removing huge boulders and causing extensive destruction will astonish all who view it.

Many visitors, who stumble upon the quiet town of Sandy Cove, are mesmerized by the absolute splendor of a kindhearted atmosphere. A town with very few side roads, residents proclaim, 'What you see is what you get'. With the increased demand for abandoned homes, the tiny, peaceful, well-maintained town of Sandy Cove is a retirement paradise on the brink of discovery. A more attractive, leisurely, hospitable town for people in their golden age to spend their remaining days cannot be found. Sandy Cove is an ideal retirement town that truly is 'Heaven on Earth'.



Sandy Cove Beach



Sandy Cove Pond


Town of Sandy Cove, 1998 & 2000 Tidy Town Winners

2001 & 2003 got a Award of Excellence.
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