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Mayor: Tony Parsons
Deputy Mayor: Lisa Napier
Cluny Matchim
Kevin Moss
Keith Moss
Cindy Matchim
Julia Whelan
Town Clerk: Anne Benger


Points Of Interest


All residents drop off their recycleables at a bin near the town hall, when the bin is full, someone takes it to the Green Depot. In the spring we use this money to buy flowers to put around town and we buy 2 tandem loads of topsoil and place near the community hall for residents to use in their flower garden's & flower pots.

New Residents: When new residents move into town by either building a house or buying an existing property, the town council purchasses and delivers to them a fruit basket or a shrub (in season).With this goes a personalized welcome card , town pins, and a information package @ things around town to know about,like garbage collection, recyclables, topsoil etc. & 10 points of interest like C.T.Park, Caplin Gulch, Look-out etc. Also a list of town councillors and their tel #'s.

Functions: Town functions for all residents Hot roast beef dinner with Santa @ Christmas week, Canada Day Celebrations with lots of games and food, Pot Luck Supper @ mid August, Halloween Dance with costume.


Sandy Cove Beach


Sandy Cove Pond


Town of Sandy Cove, 1998 & 2000 Tidy Town Winners

2001 & 2003 got a Award of Excellence.
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